Business Training

TrainingOff-the-shelf accounting software has been a boon for business. But without correct installation, customised set-up and proper staff training, your business can quickly become a financial nightmare

Jude Business Solutions will assist you with:

  • Installing your Quicken™ bookkeeping system correctly.
  • Setting up a customised Chart of Accounts.
  • Setting up your customers, suppliers, items and employee lists.
  • Setting up electronic banking.
  • Entering opening balances in line with your accountant’s figures.
  • Create schedules and automate journals for depreciation, hire purchase, lease or loan entries.

Once your systems are in place, we will:

  • Assist your staff in understanding the principles of bookkeeping.
  • Train you and your staff to use the software and its GST features.
  • Provide payroll training.
  • Arrange personal training sessions at a time and place that suits you.
  • Help build the expertise and confidence in your staff to get the most out of the Quicken™ software packages.
  • Provide free technical advice for 6 weeks after training via phone or email.
  • Arrange a 12 month contract for ongoing technical advice and support.
  • Personal Finance Software Training

This range of Quicken Software is well suited to anyone wanting to “keep a handle” on their home finances, family trust account, share portfolio and other investments.

Jude Business Solutions will assist you with:

  • Installing your software correctly.
  • Setting up your accounts and categories to best reflect your finances.
  • Creating your share and investment accounts and entering opening entries for your shares.
  • Train you to use the software quickly and efficiently.
  • Once your system is in place, we will:
  • Show you how to track your assets and liabilities.
  • Create budgets.
  • Reconcile your bank and credit card statements.
  • Manage and report on your share portfolio.